Las Vegas – A Mexican Feast!

If holiday isn’t the time to indulge with eating out, I don’t know what is! So on a recent trip to Las Vegas, after so long not travelling, it felt that little bit more of a treat to eat out in my favourite American city.

Now I have to be honest, much of fine dining is wasted on me. Granted, I love my grub but as a vegetarian, it gets tedious having the one choice (usually goats cheese tart or mushroom risotto), none of which I would thank you for. Vegetarian and vegan options have increased undoubtably over the years, but America is perhaps a few steps behind the UK and as a nation of meat lovers, my choices are often extremely limited unless I want a buffet or the options above.

Unless I choose Mexican, which co-incidentally, is one of my favourite of our world foods. I love a bit of spice, refried beans, flavour soaked roasted veg, the crunch of salad and the best part, nacho’s. I’m salivating even writing this! We had two eateries identified as musts for the trip; one of our favourites, Senior Frogs and Nacho Daddy, a popular chain in the U.S.

First up was Senior Frogs. Situation in Treasure Island on The Strip, it has character, fun vibes and delicious food with plenty of choice all at a reasonable price. I would suggest booking a table here, we were told there was a waiting time of 40 minutes, which was fine for us as we weren’t ridiculously hungry and went off for a mooch.

Last time we were at Senior Frogs (Jan 2020), we ordered a starter of chips and dips each and a main each. It was too much, so we decided to share a larger starter and share a main this time. We opted for nacho’s to share and vegetable fajita’s. My partner isn’t vegetarian, but doesn’t mind a meat free meal so it was a great choice for us both to enjoy. And enjoy we did! The nacho’s were a tastebud explosion with all the perfect ingredients of refired beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, jalapeños and cheese. They had the right texture of crunch with a little bit of warm softness. It was hard to hold a conversation as we both kept focused on the plate of ecstasy, eyeing up which chunk of the nacho’s we would delve into next.

The veg fajitas were equally as delicious with generous servings of roasted pepper wedges, onion and mushrooms, alongside perfect sized wraps. I like a lot of spice, but my partner has less tolerance. This meal had enough of a kick but not too much as to snatch your breath or set the eyes watering. The price equally didn’t make you want to cry! Service with a smile, choice, great price and yummy food, I would give Senior Frogs a strong 9/10.

Next on our nacho hunt was Nacho Daddy. Although there is a restaurant on a side street off The Strip, we were already downtown in Fremont Street, so decided to frequent the Nacho Daddy there. The place was busy but luckily we got a table outside. It was a mild night and this felt perfect for us from the off. The restaurant has a lovely ambience with funky décor and plenty of staff. The vegan and meat eater menu here is brilliant so it was a delight to consider what to have. Again, we weren’t massively hungry (we had been eating peanut butter M&M’s like no-one’s business for most of the day) so we decided to share. By this point in the holiday, my beloved had consumed a fair few burgers, so welcomed the meat-free meal.

Opting for vegan loaded nacho’s and vegan enchiladas between us, the portions were large on arrival so we were pleased with our choice. The nacho’s had the expected toppings and a nice scattering of black beans. There wasn’t the amount of cheese that I perhaps enjoy, but this also made it feel the slightest bit healthy, given the intake of food and alcohol I had already got my way through that day! We both really enjoyed the nachos and they had plenty of flavour and the right kick.

I would normally always pick fajitas over enchiladas, but it was nice to have a change and these came with the addition of black beans and wild rice. They were perfectly cooked, with juicy roasted peppers, onion and mushroom bulging inside, tasty red and green enchilada sauce and sour cream drizzled over the top. As with Senior Frogs, the service was great and our host attentive. The prices were very reasonable for the size of the portions and although busy, we didn’t feel rushed. I slightly missed the cheese element in this meal but our first trip to Nacho Daddy was a hit and we’ll definitely be heading back to the Fremont one during our stay there next year! 8/10

Location Las Vegas – Señor Frog’s (

Downtown | Nacho Daddy


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