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Eric and myself were both delighted to have his story featured in Community Cat Magazine in January. Eric was particularly happy to be their cover boy. His double page article tells his journey from homeless cat, to purrfectly pampered kit and his social media popularity!

Check them out for all things furrtastic, including an interview with Ricky Gervais’s cat, Pickles, toy!

Honoured to feature in this beautiful anthology, created by award winning author Christopher Fielden. 1000 writers, 1000 flash fiction stories and all money raised from sales goes to Arkbound Foundation, who support disadvantaged groups to get published.

One of my poems features in September’s issues of Open Door Magazine. The Theme was “Favourite Things” (Page 17)

My short story, When Soaps Don’t Lather, features in this anthology. Filled with weird and wonderful stories from some fantastic writers, check it out on the link below!

Two of my poems; Presence and Memories feature in the latest edition of the Otherwise Engaged Literary and Arts Journal. It is an honour to be included in such a wonderful book featuring poetry, photography and short stories from across the globe. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Delighted that my short story Breaking Point was shortlisted for Crossing The Tees contest last year. It has now been published, alongside some great short writings, in this anthology. Available at Drake the Bookshop now.

Here’s a snippet:

I struggle to define what my actual breaking point was. It felt like I was breaking and, in fact, broken, for such a long time. Since it happened, I have gone over it so many times. Each time it felt like I was watching a film. Someone else’s twisted reality of survival.

I didn’t know what made me do what I did. Red mist, revenge, fear, hatred, desperation or because I’m dangerous, as many suggested.

The only thing I was certain of that morning, was that one of us would have to die.

Delighted that First Page Literature is publishing some of my work this month. The first page of my short story, Fall From Grace features. The story is based on a man I know personally, who was a millionaire, lost it all through mental ill health and became homeless. I hope to write a memoir one day on him. The publication (and previous issues) is available on line. Or in bookstores in Berlin or New York, if you happen to be passing. If not, here is a little snippet of it. I hope you enjoy Fall From Grace These things don’t happen to people like me. They happen to the young lad who was in care, who’s parents neglected him. They happen to the criminal deviant who’s come out of the nick. They happen to the drug addict, the drunk and the woman who sleeps with someone in exchange for a bed that night. These things don’t happen to people like me. Only it did. It happened to me.

This is my story.

My first published piece of 2021 is now live! Red Penguin Books, based in New York have created a new magazine, Bloom. A chapter from my book, The Dinner Club, features in the debut edition.

Two of my poems were recently published in an anthology called The Mountains You Cannot See. This collection of poems are around the topic of mental ill health and well being. All profits from sales go towards supporting three fantastic and crucial services delivering 24/7 support, 365 days a year to people in need. These charities are MIND, The Samaritans and CALM. Check out the charities and please consider buying the anthology. It is only £4 on Amazon and full of inspiring and poignant poems from across the world.

My short story, Breaking Point has been published in an anthology by North Tyneside Council. The theme of the book is crime and punishment and stories are less than 2000 words, so super quick to read! Available to preview and download for free via Borrowbox and I love it that mine is first in the book

I have recently had my short story Last Orders published on Check it out on the link below, I hope you like it. Cheers!

Recently had two of my poems published with Refresh Magazine, hope you enjoy.

The onset of anxiety is vividly illustrated in this raw and unfiltered, first-person narrative.

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