Wallsend Reads Launch!

I was absolutely delighted that The Dinner Club was chosen for a new campaign in North Tyneside. Wallsend Reads has been introduced by the brilliant team at Wallsend Library, led by a wonderful lady, Patricia. The scheme is about celebrating our libraries and communities with a focus on getting people to fall in love with reading.

The Dinner Club will be given to local community groups and services, then returned to pass on to other groups. In addition to this, copies will be available at the library and in and around Wallsend to read, return, or pass on.

Today was the launch and it was a memorable event, with attendees from local groups, members of the community, many of the brilliant library team, councillor Pat Oliver, and Emmerdale star, Charlie Hardwick.

Find out more through North Tyneside Council and the hashtag #wallsendreads.


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