Hope for tomorrow

A crack, a split, a tear in the seam

A scab you can’t leave alone.

Locked in, caged, tied down,

A bird, trapped, that had once flown.

Wishing I could switch it off, 

Disable the plug of power.

Instead the climb to peace of mind,

Feels like an infinite tower.

I grab and scratch at my tired skin,

Unable to resist, I succumb

The physicality I once felt, 

No feeling here now, just numb.

The focus of my saturated mind,

Same thoughts over and over, repeat.

I struggle to calm, rest and sleep, 

Talk, focus, function and eat.

Craving blackout, stop the sound,

Silence, quiet, I beg you please.

A moment, a second, respite

Then returning with vengeance to tease.

My screams make no sound

Just my heartbeat, my drum deep

Tomorrow could be the day it changes,

For now, sleep, sleep, sleep.


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